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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Life Lessons

I was raised as an only child. I do have one brother, but there are many years between us. Mama, pushing forty when I came along, never made me feel unwanted or unloved. She did however, proclaim upon learning of her "delicate condition, "a driving desire to stick her head in the nearest oven. This proclamation tipped me off into believing perhaps I may not have been planned.

My brother started his first year of college in September while I arrived in October. You see why I was raised as an only child and why my mom threatened to stick her head in an oven.
All parents make mistakes. The one thing my parents did right was to allow animals in my life. Though my growing up years were spent in the city, I was blessed with dogs, cats, rabbits, turtles, birds, hamsters and fish. Mama and Daddy drew the line at a skunk, which I believe showed true wisdom on their parts.
These animals became my best friends and siblings. I understood I walked on two legs, they four. Aside from that, I saw little difference between myself and my pets.
I felt a connection with the animals in my youth. A deep connection I continue to feel with animals today. They have been my true teachers in life. They are the ones who taught me how to be. For those who have gone on, know I will never forget you. For those with me now, know I treasure each day. For those I have not met.............I await your arrival.
For all who have taught me well, I thank you.

to Heidi, the St. Bernard of my childhood, the lesson of loss.

to Annie, an adopted basset, for giving me the courage to love again.

to Clyde, a rescue basset, you proved it is possible to move through life with grace and dignity, even at the end.

to Sam, a beautiful Siamese, the painful lesson of betrayal.

to Sleepy Redbuck, an amazing quarter horse stud, the lesson of trust.

to Cat Moore, my first quarter horse mare, the lesson of true responsibility.

To Poco Levi, my first foal, the amazement of birth and the excitement of first steps.

to Zeus, a giant of a horse, the ugly lesson of greed.

to Flame, my little cutting horse, that animals, just like people, can come into the world fractured.

to Ghost, a gray reiner, fear can be a far more dangerous emotion than anger.

to our Max, the ultimate family dog, and rescue, a quiet and calm presence adds strength to a home.
So much like Lonnie.

to my Brumley, a rescue schnauzer, the lesson of healing. Proof that love is the only true healer. I will forever miss you.

to Flash, yet another basset and rescue and true comedian, for pulling me outside of Self and making me laugh out loud at least once a day.

to the Schnauzer sisters, Gin and Suki, patience which can only come with age. Regret my children did not enjoy the same patience.

to Myre, a rescue llama, yes, I said llama! What was I thinking?!!! The realization that I am not a llama person.

to Lex, a rescue Cockatoo, sharing the experience of showering with a jungle bird. Your screams of joy all but shattering bathroom glass and my eardrums!! Allowing me to understand we are all driven by our most primal DNA.

to Pepe', a little cockatiel, the power of hope. The lengths a mom will go to to teach her son the same lesson.

to Chloe, a buckskin mare, the letting go of offspring with grace.

to Scratch, her baby man, the keeper of all dreams equine. How to live with a broken heart. It was an honor my young man.

to the nameless black shepherd running wildly down highway 820 in Ft. Worth, we live in a society where life has little meaning, especially animal life. I was not alone that day or I would've stopped and gotten you to safety. After harsh words, we did turn around to help. I couldn't find you. I pray a compassionate soul removed you from danger. I will always wonder.

finally, to Maggie,the horse of a lifetime and my mirror. For all the lessons I have learned about myself, I thank you sweet girl. For the lessons still to come, may I remain open to your teachings.

For those who have not yet found me~ I wait.


donna baker June 1, 2010 at 8:33 PM  

Terri, it is truly wonderful to read of your love for animals. I am sure I was a dog in another life because of my love for them and all animals. It takes one to know one is a saying that bonds us together. It is nice to meet someone who loves animals as much as I do.

debianne June 2, 2010 at 7:16 AM  

"For those who have not yet found me~ I wait."
And...for those of us who found YOU (us two-legged kind)we are blessed to know you and your heart!
You are a treasure!!!!
love ya!

Janera June 2, 2010 at 8:57 AM  

"For those who have not yet found me -- I wait."

Beautiful. Hope-filled. Promising.

Sharon Brumfield June 4, 2010 at 10:50 AM  

Sweet girl!
It is amazing how God uses His creation to teach us how to live.
Although I have not had the same amount of "pets" (don't know if a llama would fit in that category-girl what were you thinking!)He has used the few I have had to teach me. It is simply amazing the love that they give...and how our hearts learn to wrap itself around them.
My heart was broken 3 years ago when we had to say good bye to our Boston terrier-he had been with us for 14 years.
And then this year God gave us sweet Juliet. She loves to give hugs...and at 40lbs you know you have been hugged.:) She has taught me to open my heart again after great pain.
God is good....yes, even through His creatures.

Sharon Brumfield June 7, 2010 at 11:50 AM  

Hey girl...having fits with my won't let me post for some reason. Maybe I will figure it out soon. :(
Yes, I did pass my state glad that is over with!
We have a conference that we will be doing in Hunt,Texas that starts on the 13 of this month. It will be at a place called Mo Ranch.
Once that is over and I get back home I will start looking for a job. Don't know if I will go further in school...just waiting till God tells me what the master plan is.
So I will be a bit absent here in blogdom for a while...but I will catch up when I get back home.
Till then....keep writing!
Love ya


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